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All You Need To Know About Exercise Bikes

August 12, 2016 Blog

Matters of health have taken precedence in many people lives. What we eat, do and, in general, how we live is subject to considerations of the outcomes on our overall health and well-being. An ignorance of health matters has proven over and over again to …..

cycling in the sunset

The Debate About Whether Cycling Is A Sport Or Activity

June 8, 2016 Blog

Cycling can mean very different things to different people. Some people view it as a high-intensity sport whereas others view it as a leisure time activity. There really is no clear cut answer when it comes to whether cycling is a sport or activity. What …..

cycling speed

Tips To Help You Improve Your Cycling Speed

April 8, 2016 Blog

Cycling is a great sport. It helps you work so many muscles in the body, that we can safely say it can provide a complete workout to anyone looking to improve their fitness and their overall health and well-being. The main problem of beginners is …..


Buying Cycling Bicycles To Improve Performance

March 8, 2016 Blog

Cycling is not just about getting a bicycle and riding it around. You have to look at the proportions and all of the details that come along with these bikes. They have to be on par with what the rest of the competition is going …..

woman repairing her broken bike

How to Deal With Bike Gear Problems

October 23, 2015 Blog

When riding a bike, it can be incredibly annoying when the gears stop working. This is because the gears of a bike are absolutely the forefront to how functional it is. If the gears on a bike stop working at something such as a very …..

Fixing bike gears

Comprehensive Guide to Getting Great Bike Gear Maintenance

October 8, 2015 Blog

One of the most common problems with bikes is the fact that their gears can become faulty. This problem has often been experienced multiple times by some of the most experienced riders out there. Indeed, it’s not fun having to deal with faulty gears. However, …..

young pair of professional cyclists in gear and glasses riding on the road surrounded by green trees on bright sunny day

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Specialized Bike

July 7, 2015 Blog

Specialized bikes are quite popular nowadays. Buying one is a good investment in today’s competitive economic environment. This is why you need to exert caution when purchasing a specialized bike. In fact, there are so many factors to consider when buying such a bike. Are …..

cyclist riding mountain bike on rocky trail at sunrise

The Best Mountain Biking Tips You Should Know

Over the past few years, mountain biking has become extremely popular. It’s a great sport as well as a great way of maintaining a fit body. If you are an aspiring mountain biker, here are some amazing skills you could put into use. Braking Remember, …..

Three Important Benefits of Biking

March 22, 2015 Blog

Biking is an easy and fun way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. Remember your first bicycle? You ripped around your neighbourhood and felt how much fun it was! Well, the same type of fun is available to us and just happens to …..